Jos Wetzels (Boston Scientific/NL)

For years I have enjoyed working with clinical research professionals from MZD for the simple reason that they are highly experienced and solution oriented when offering support meeting our needs in covering clinical trials, with experienced monitors. The uncomplicated contractual construct allows for a straightforward temporary hiring for the amout of hours that are actually needed. This concept of covering peaks during the durations of clinical trials is highly beneficial not only in regards to the high level of expertise but it also has a tremendous financial advantage in comparison to permanent employees. The self-driven and highly motivated work moral of freelance clinical research professionals make trainings and elaborate explanations to be picked up well en quick ensuring a reduction of on-boarding time. As MZD ensures regional coverage the customer profits as well from working with people who know the regions as well as the applicable study site e.g. the investigators and study teams. All the above helps the customer reducing the timelines hence meeting the company objectives to deliver high quality and reliable data while taking patient's safety in consideration at all times.

Jay Mitchel (a Medical Device company/US)

My first time working with MZD was a sitiuation in which there were extremely urgent and critial needs. MZD was able to provide resources and solutions in an extremely efficient and professional manner when other organizations were not able to do so. They would be my first option for an resourcing needs.